Monday, January 31, 2011

PasswordMaker For android: The Manual!

PasswordMaker for android is out there! You can find it from android Market if you search or PasswordMaker vaslabs or just passwordmaker.
A complete manual can be downloaded from there!
Don't let your accounts be hijacked!

A powerful utility from VasLabs security team! Because we know our stuff!

Password Maker for android

VasLabs announces that a new product will be available by the start of February.
Password Maker, a very useful utility for generating strong passwords, without the need of saving them will be available for android phones in about a week according to VasLabs.
The new app will have the advantage of portability and easy to use, because comparing with the Perl-command prompt version, it will have a GUI.
The new app will have the same features as the command prompt one:
-generating strong passwords
-different password for each mobile phone
-managing passwords by reason you want them
-should remember only one password

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Make an exclusive-OR Gate by using NAND's


We have to make XOR equation has the form of NAND.
We will use De Morgan's Theorem: ¬AV¬B = ¬(AΛB)
¬AΛ¬B = ¬(AVB)

¬AΛB V AΛ¬B = ¬ (AV¬B) V ¬ (¬AVB)
= ¬¬ ( ¬ (AV¬B) V ¬ (¬AVB) )
= ¬ ( (AV¬B) Λ (¬AVB) )
= ¬ ( (AΛB) V (¬AΛ¬Β) )
= ¬(AΛB) Λ ¬(¬AΛ¬Β)
= ¬(AΛB) Λ (AVΒ)
= (¬(AΛB)ΛΑ) V (¬(AΛB)ΛB)
= ¬¬((¬(AΛB)ΛΑ) V (¬(AΛB)ΛB))
= ¬( ¬ ( ¬(AΛB) Λ Α ) Λ ¬( ¬(AΛB) Λ B ) )

Now we have a NAND "¬(AΛB)" connected to a NAND with A as second
input, connected to a NAND that has one input from the first NAND and B, and both are connected to a NAND.
Note: V = OR, ¬ = NOT, Λ = AND

Monday, January 3, 2011

Joker, extra5, Keno and Lotto!

Do you have android? Do you like joker, kino, lotto and other such games?Do you want to find numbers, probabilities, costs and combination in one second? This is for you!