Friday, November 12, 2010

Lesson 5 Revise, Answers of the Questions

Today we'll make a revision of the previous lessons answering the questions of lesson 4.
Here are the questions:
  1. Why have we used '&' after audacious -e "$music"? What does it means? try to open other programs with '&' at the end and without it!
  2. Why we put the audacious -e "$music" & in the for loop and didn't used a playlist variable like before? What script is better?
  3. Why music variable has a '$' in the for loop?
  4. Why have we put *.wma instead of *.mp3? Are you going to do the same?
  5. Why the -E became a -e? Check man audacious to find out!

  1. & runs the command or program in background, so the terminal is free for putting other commands!
  2. Because the -e adds songs to the current playlist.
  3. If a variable is going to be used for output must have $ in front
  4. The songs of Celine Dion was in wma format. If yours are mp3 or other format you shouldn't use wma.
  5. Because -E creates a temporary playlist.

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