Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VasLabs press announcement

Dear friends of VasLabs,
We shall thank you all who are using our products. We are also pleased to announce our progress of our most important released products as follows:

For Windows:


Vaslook is a product that notifies you when you get an email. We are pleased that has over than 500 downloads, since it's an application only for yahoo emails. We know that this project fall behind, however you should expect some small updates and fixes by the end of March.

File Engineer

This product is in it's final version. It is the upgraded version of an older program called File Editor. The basic function that it does is hiding your files, but you can also use it for fast browsing through your files. It is fully stable and for that reason this project closed, but we still offer support on any problems you may have.

For Android:

Password Maker(Android Market)

We could write whole books about this product. Although it didn't reach in downloads our expectations, it is a high level security solution for both creating AND managing your passwords. Consider how many viruses you have got until now, and how many data got stolen from your drives even if you don't know it. It is not hard for a hacker to decrypt the file that the Password Manager you use saves your passwords. However, with this application, no data will be stolen because there isn't any. The idea of managing your passwords, is that you use the same Master Password each time, then you put the reason you want it, e.g. for www.gmail.com you put gmail, and then the length of the password.
We also use your phone data to produce unique passwords for each handset.
Anyway, we expect you to use this product and be safer than ever(that will be useful to us, since less friends will ask us what to do for their hijacked account).


Many people show their love for that application, especially Greeks. It is statistically the most popular application we ever made, having now more than 1500 downloads. You can expect an upgrade soon, that will contain more games collected from european countries.

These were the news of VasLabs in the context of our Applications.
We are creating a video advertisement too, and soon will be available on the blog and on youtube!

Thank You
The Manager
Vasilis Nicolaou

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