Friday, October 16, 2009

Annoying Ads!!! How to get rid of them!

Has anyone of you written e.g. this: 240.132.980.12 instead of e.g. that: ? Probably, not. Only the network administrators remember IP numbers and specifically they only know their server IP addresses.
A computer system, however, doesn't understand the address e.g. . It needs someone to translate that phrase into a language that can understand. And no one is better than DNS, the Domain Name System. Imagine the dialog below between a browser and the DNS:

Browser: Hey, DNS buddy, they want me to show them the page from Who the hell is he? I don't know anybody called by this name.
DNS: Hi Browser. Don't worry my little friend,, is no one but
Browser: Oh!!! I know him! Ok thanks buddy!

A decade ago, things were a little different. The above job, was made by ARPANET, who used an archive called 'hosts' and searching for the site's name in order to match it with the IP. That archive never died, it is still there even on Vista! You can find it in the folder
'C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc'. On Linux, the folder is '/etc'.

So, that's how we are going to work. We are going to avail by this archive in order to eliminate the annoying ads!

In the search bar on vista or the run on XP write 'system32' and press enter. Find the folder drivers and then the folder etc. If you can't find anyone of them, probably is hidden, so you can use the file engineer to find them, or the cmd command 'attrib -h -s "the path of the folder"'. Then find host file. Open it with notepad! So that's the file we are going to edit.

Every ads, even if it's a picture, has a source. To find that source, we right click on the ad and choose properties. A window opens and we find something like this: So the domain name we don't want is .

We have found our archive, and the unwanted domain name. We return in the archive hosts and we add this line:

The IP represents the local host. So every time an advertisment is up to appear, it will fail. A white, empty space is going to replace its position. For better results we put for the best results!

This process offer us the benefits below:
-more bandwith available (i.e. webpages open quicker!)
-no more unwanted or ads we don't want kids to see.
-we don't do the favor of the advertiser to affect our minds :)

PS: Could you think a funny way of using the hosts file? Imagine typing and instead of yahoo you see . Or something more..................................... :)

Note: On vista you should run notepad as an administrator and find from the notepad the hosts file in order to perform these actions!
By Vasilis Nicolaou

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