Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How to shut down your pc when it stubbornly denies your commands

Well,first I am going to apologise for my bad english and I hope you'll catch the general idea :)
So, you press the shut down button and you wait... you wait, you wait... and nothing happens... Hopefully there are some ways you can turn off your machine without pressing the reset button...
For a start, you should know that the reason for a shut down failure is because a service denies to terminate itself... This is because the system can't send a terminating command to that service or because the service is not responding. Usually the second. I shall inform you now, that when the first happens it is very difficult to fix the situation... However we are going to try some things...
-First, we are going to reduce the time cpu waits a process to be terminated. This demands a simple registry operation. We press the start button and in the search bar we write 'regedit' and we press enter. The registry opens right in front of us and we follow the path below:
On the right window we find WaitToKillService from 20000 (i.e. 20 sec) to 10000(i.e 10 sec)(it's milliseconds. This will save time for the shutdown, but doesn't guarantee anything.
-If the above fails to solve the problem then there is another way we should try.
We press the start button again and in the search bar we write 'cmd' and then press enter.
The Windows Command Prompt opens and waits for our commands.
We are going to use the command shutdown like this:
shutdown /s /t 10 /f
This means shutdown the computer /s (yes shut down it) /t 10 (start the shut down process in 10 seconds) /f (force applications to be terminated).

If you still have problem, then try uninstalling some heavy programs. If nothing happens then a format is recommended or a computer replacement :) I hope that will help the most of you.

By Vasilis Nicolaou

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