Tuesday, August 17, 2010

From the author

Hey to you all! It was a wonderful year (September 2009-August 2010) ! We are glad that Vaslabs have such members as you! During this year we tried to focus on simple tutorials for computer beginners, but also to make sure that advanced users and young programmers wouldn't be indifferent as well.
With your support and feedback we have created some utilities and gadgets that make our life better.
We'll start from the simplest. DBHC was loved by new ones in assembly as it offers decimal, binary and hexadecimal converting. This year a new version of DBHC will be published. It will offer also and text converting. Then the final version of File Engineer. We are sad to announce that this is indeed the final version of it as the project has been closed from us.
Our christmas game, that we know has a few bugs, will be fixed, and a new completed version will be ready by next Christmas.
Our superpower Password Maker it is a high priority as well. New security fixes will be added so your password will be invincible. We shall make clear that this script is also available for windows users if Perl is installed.
Spastra Demo was announced in May 2010 and will be ready in January-February 2011.
And then a great utility was published by vaslabs.
Vaslook was immediately been published, had a lot of bugs, but with your feedback has been a very stable and reliable tool for your yahoo e-mail. It is the only program until now that been awarded with two awards! The softpedia free award and the Famous Why award.
What to expect from vaslabs this year?
We are growing really fast, so you can expect more articles and utilities.
Our team is growing us well so will expand our subjects and our programs. We have also entered Linux world so Linux users should expect something from us!
You can join us on facebook or to be a follower. Followers have full and free support for everything they want about computers.
Thank you all for your support
The author
Vasilis Nicolaou

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