Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mobile Remote Control

How about controlling your pc with your mobile phone?
Imagine this:
You are sitting on the sofa with your friends watching a movie on your laptop and you need to make your speakers louder. What do you do? But, of course, you reach your laptop and you press the appropriate button.
How about not leaving your cozy sofa and pressing a single button on your mobile to do this?
We've tried this and we show you how to do it.
You will need:
1)A pc with an external or internal bluetooth device.
2)A mobile phone that has the program Remote Control (we used Sony Ericsson Jalou but most of sony ericsson mobiles have this application)
3)This article :)

->Enable your pc bluetooth
->Make it discoverable
Right click on the bluetooth tray icon (right down on the taskbar), select Settings and click discovery.
->Take your mobile phone and find Remote Control (for our case it was in Entertainment)
->Choose the option you like (For the movie choose the media player)
->Select device (your pc daa :)
-> You should be able to see on your mobile screen the appropriate buttons.
->That was all.

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