Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Android Market and the Open Software

As we all know, android is a completely open operating system. It is also free, so when you by an android phone, you do not pay for the operating system.
This, of course is fine!
However, when someone looks for applications in the android market, he hardly finds free and good applications. You are gonna say know, what are you talking about, I have the best applications for free! Ha! You think so.
The concept of a free aplication, is that you can use it as you want and share it! In additions you do not need to see all those silly ads (which unfortunately we have also in the blogspot, but this is something temporary, and a site is completely different from an app!) which you will never intend to click on them, but sometimes you click one by accident.
Furthermore, android maybe is an open source OS but it lost that purpose! Take for example any Linux distribution! Have you ever looked for a professional level application and you didn't find it? Not me.
An operating system is not considered free if basic applications are not free! Why do I have to pay for a good task manager? Even in windows you find a free one! Why do I have to pay for password managers, talking simulators and stuff? Most applications that are not free have a poor level, and they have been programmed by stupid programmers!
Android has is based on a linux core. In linux I can find a good anti-virus and a firewall for free.

All developers have the right to sell their work! It's ok with me if the application is indeed a worth one! I would pay for a good game or a really good anti-virus! (I was paying for anti-virus for years)! But searching in the android market I have found only a couple of applications that worth money.
In conclusion Android Market is now a mess! For example compare Ubuntu software center with android market!
Where did the linux spirit go? Where did open source power go? Basic applications have to be free! And free means also free of ads!

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