Saturday, March 5, 2011


Well, we installed haiku on a virtual machine. We have tried it a bit and we present it to you!
At first we needed a virtual machine. So we installed virtual box and executed it:
#download virtual box
#install the package (if your linux distro is not debian this might be slightly different)
sudo dpkg -i virtualbox-4.0_4.0.4-70112~Ubuntu~maverick_i386.deb
#now execute it

 In addition the iso image file of haiku is needed.
#get haiku iso, you can visit to choose a server
#the below is the server of the University of Crete

Then using Virtual Box wizard specify the allocated ram and hard disk sizes. Unzip the haiku iso and load it to the virtual machine. 

After you load haiku image it loads the OS live CD desktop, so you can try it out. Since it's on a virtual machine now, you can install it without affecting the rest of your system and try it later.
To install it simply choose install option. Then you should create a "partition" which is virtual, that will be used by the virtual machine to install haiku.
The installation progress is very easy.

After installation you have to restart it(not your pc, haiku that is on virtual machine, remember that you should not close the virtual machine
You can restart it with a terminal command or bu pressing the feather and choosing shutdown->Restart System
You can open the terminal with right click->Add-ons->Open Terminal
And then type the restart command:
shutdown -r

Or simply press shutdown:

Here are the rest of the photos after installation:

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